White ink for inkjet printer

November 7, 2016

Epson UltraChrome® HDR Ink with White
A brand new white ink that totally fulfills consumers’ objectives.

Inkjet Items Key Components R&D Department
Imaging & Ideas Operations Division
Tsuyoshi Sano, Chief Engineer

What’s therefore special about Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink with White?

UltraChrome with White is composed of resin-based hollow particles. Though this notion is not specially brand new, I think it's most likely the first-time this particular particle has been used for inkjet publishing. The unique part of hollow particles is the fact that they cause light to scatter, which leads to all of them showing up white.

Until now, people of solvent and UV procedures experienced to shake cartridges each and every day since ink precipitates. Moreover, once we started development around three years back, there was complaints why these inks weren't thick enough, were difficult to deal with and could not be used in ordinary offices.

Today with this brand-new ink, people must shake cartridges only once weekly considering that the white ink stays suspended in answer much longer because hollow construction. Also, we solved the problem of particles quickly collapsing by creating a brand new way of synthesizing the particle.

No matter what good the technology, though, unless it satisfies the needs of people it'll eventually prove worthless.

Exactly how do you resolve the situation of white ink thickness and cost, which were what users were really worried about?

In terms of we know, there's no typical standard, such Euroscale or SWOP, for gravure publishing and flexography movie. So very first we'd to collect bundles and packaging product containing white ink from places all over the globe. Then we measured the L-value of each and every package on black colored report, thereafter we determined the proper density for our white ink. Also, we calculated the shielding performance of white ink by quantifying our white ink. Because of this, weighed against white ink off their inkjet printers also from different systems like liquid toner and thermal transfer, our ink achieves outstanding density that tops 90 per cent associated with the competitors.

In Terms Of issues in connection with potential for white and color inks blending and never maintaining sufficient white thickness, we removed these by enhancing the structure of this white ink and decreasing the drying time for Epson ClearProof™ Film.

Source: www.epson.co.uk
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