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June 10, 2016
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Fabrisign Rolls

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Product Information

We are happy to provide Jacquard Inkjet Fabric techniques' full variety of inkjet prepared materials at reduced rates. They're moves of particularly addressed silk and cotton fiber fabrics with a report backing which run efficiently through many all brands of inkjet printers - home & office designs also commercial wide-format models.

All textiles are available with either a FabriSign or ProCoat finish paperback in widths from 17" to 58" broad. All 6' test rolls operate 42".

FabriSign & ProCoat are a couple of different fabric coatings that create material for direct electronic inkjet publishing. While both are excellent items with identical prices these are typically utilized in a different way and provide distinct functions.

Property ProCoat FabriSign
Shade Very Best Excellent
Article Processing Steaming None
Washable Yes No
Dry Cleanable
Water Resistance 100percent Waterproof Water-resistant
Ink Based material
usage: Acid, Reactive, or
Disperse dyebased inks
Any waterbase pigment
ink on any material
ProCoat is mostly about professional quality.

As good as FabriSign is there are times when you will need that additional little more. If you'd like 100per cent waterproof, device washable, and drycleanable images or you need absolute "blow your thoughts" colors, then ProCoat is actually for you. However, to develop color, the printing must be steamed. Just see Steamers on this website. ProCoat produces commercial quality/industrial quality images, similar to the textiles you will find into the stores. And ProCoat produces the absolute most readily useful colors feasible — the blacks are much deeper, the colors richer and better. When you need that additional touch, ProCoat delivers.

  • 100percent waterproof
  • 100percent machine washable & dried out cleanable
  • Rich, brilliant, & permanent shade
  • Inks should be coordinated toward fabric - this will be significant!
    Needs to be dye based, not pigment, and needs to be:
    Fiber Reactive Dye ink for cottons alongside cellulose,
    Acid Dye based or Fiber Reactive ink for Silk (kindly specify when ordering)
    or Disperse Dye ink for polys
  • The printing must be steamed

Because you're printing fabric digitally does not mean you must be satisfied with a lower quality result. The only real distinction between a ProCoat print and textile printed usually is in the process not the outcome.

Anywhere washability is needed or where you need the absolute best, no compromises shade, ProCoat may be the perfect option.


is mostly about simplicity of use.

For many programs FabriSign may be the right choice. FabriSign saves you time, labor, and hassle while making gorgeous images which will wow your customers. FabriSign enables you to utilize any waterbased ink with any material and needs no post handling — just printing and you're done. FabriSign brings your projects in timely and under spending plan while dazzling your web visitors.

  • Utilize any waterbased pigment ink on any material
  • No post handling — only print and you're done!
Source: www.dharmatrading.com
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