Transparency Sheets for inkjet printers

February 15, 2020
For inkjet printer

How Could You tell which part is Ink Jet Printable from the .004” Matte 2 sided inkjet movie?

Making use of a highlighter, draw a range with several colors for each part. The ink jet part ought to be brighter plus consistent lines. The non-ink jet side is dull and the outlines is almost certainly not constant. The highlighter might not dry on non-ink jet part in addition.

Do you realy offer one film which you can use in both Laser and inkjet printers?

No, just one or the other.

Just how thick are the Computer Grafix films?

The Inkjet and Laser Computer Grafix movies are .004” (or the width of a sheet of copier paper).

Which region of the Computer Grafix movie do I print on?

When it comes to Clear Inkjet variation, print on the textured or slightly bumpy part.
For Matte Inkjet variation, test when it comes to inkjet printable part. Draw a tiny range with a highlighter in the place on a single side of the movie. Rub carefully. If the range cannot smear, print on this side of the film. If range smears, printing regarding reverse side. If with the Laser version, both sides are printable.

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