High Resolution ink Jet printers

May 11, 2021
Matthews t-series inkjet

Direct publishing of useful digital materials might provide a route to low-cost fabrication of incorporated circuits. However, to be of good use it must allow continuous production of all of the circuit elements by successive option deposition and printing actions in the same environment. We indicate direct inkjet printing of complete transistor circuits, including via-hole interconnections according to solution-processed polymer conductors, insulators, and self-organizing semiconductors. We show that the use of substrate area power patterning to direct the flow of water-based conducting polymer inkjet droplets enables high-resolution definition of useful station lengths of 5 micrometers. Tall mobilities of 0.02 square centimeters per volt-second and on-off existing flipping ratios of 105 were accomplished.

  • * To whom correspondence must certanly be addressed. E-mail: hs220{at}phy.cam.ac.uk
  • † In addition at Epson Cambridge Laboratory, 8c King's Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SJ, UK.
Source: science.sciencemag.org
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