Highest Resolution inkjet printers

December 14, 2022
High Resolution Inkjet

Use high quality inkjet if you want the highest high quality print on your own corrugated cardboard boxes and other porous materials. Frequently a substitute for pre-printed labels or containers, high definition inkjet gives you the capability of on-demand printing of group and day rules, variable text, illustrations, and barcodes, getting rid of your need certainly to stock such costly things.

Matthews’ MPERIA™ T-Series high definition printer works using piezoelectric technology. The powerful printhead create dark, crisp photos with print levels to 3.94” (100mm) from just one printhead. Our exceptional ink performance, and re-circulating auto-prime purpose, contributes to as much as 35per cent less ink consumption than contending brands.

The MPERIA™ L-Series thermal ink jet printer provides variable data publishing with high local print resolution (600 x 600 dpi) to 200 legs each minute, nearly twice as quickly as other thermal ink jet printers. There are numerous ink choices for porous and non-porous programs, in addition to inks for challenging applications. The advanced nozzle design decreases ink consumption making the L-Series a cost-effective substitute for labels and thermal transfer printing. Changeover is straightforward as snapping in a new ink cartridge, no maintenance and no fixes.

Source: matthewsmarking.com
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