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January 6, 2020
Dell Colour Cloud
We own a Dell colors Laser printer design 5130cdn and has now done well under Mac OS X 10.6 or reduced. But under Lion the printer moved into a paused condition after each work; resuming the printer caused a duplicate task and another pause. The only workaround was to erase the job before resuming the printer.

Dell issued a unique motorist by 11/1/2011, in theory Lion compatible. But couldn't repair the problem on my system if the printer had been added from 'Print' pane of program Preferences, picking from 'Default' tab. A Dell technical analyst moved me personally through a fix plus it can be helpful to other people.

It'll be vital that you understand the ip associated with the printer, especially if you have got more than one networked printer. There are numerous ways to get the target, here is one: open the from Applications/Utilities, type arp -a, and press Return. You will observe an inventory, therefore will include something just like:

dell9cf14a.local ( at 8:0:37:9c:f1:4a on en1 ifscope [ethernet]

In my own case the IP address is, but this will rely on your system setup. After that perform some following measures:

  • Download the motorist installer for OS 10.7 from and run it.
  • As a precaution, utilize the motorist installer to uninstall any previous version by picking 'Uninstall' from pulldown menu. When that is total, do not shut the installer, but alternatively choose 'Easy Install' and operate it again.
  • From program Preferences, 'Print' pane, delete the current Dell 5130cdn printer and then proceed to add a printer.
  • Don't find the Dell printer through the 'Default' tab.
  • Click on the 'IP' tab and change the 'Protocol' pulldown to 'Line Printer Daemon.'
  • The 'Address' pulldown should list your printer's IP address, as determined early in the day: pick it.
  • The 'Print Using' pulldown will probably default to a general driver at this time. Enter a title and place for the printer if you want and replace the 'Print Using' pulldown to 'Select Printer computer software...'. In the search bar of this ensuing dialog enter 'Dell', pick the proper driver, dismiss the dialog and add the printer.
You ought to be all set.

[crarko adds: Printer motorists have actually usually been one of the most painful components of an OS upgrade. I actually do remember going right on through gyrations like this with printers under both Leopard and Snow Leopard installs. It sounds like Dell had been pretty fast getting a fix out; some sellers have taken a lot more than 6 months to upgrade Mac motorists in the past.]

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