PCB with inkjet printer

May 7, 2021
AgIC Print - Printing circuit
Once I began looking at tips etch my own printed circuit boards, every Instructable and tutorial i came across used a laser printer and ironed regarding the structure in certain sort of style. I do not obtain a laser printer but I actually do have an inexpensive inkjet printer.

This Instructable will highlight how to use your inkjet printer to etch your personal imprinted circuit boards, in addition to be able to display an imprinted component impact at the top region of the board providing an expert looking design.


  • For this instructable you're going to be working with chemical substances and power tools. Kindly wear proper defensive wear. for example. goggles, exudate gloves, etc.
  • The chemicals utilized in this instructable will stain clothes plus epidermis.
  • USUALLY DO NOT afin de chemicals down your drain. Precisely get rid of chemicals relating to your neighborhood waste management.
  • Chemical compounds used in this instructable will eat steel. for example. your copper plumbing work pipelines, metal sink, etc.
The reason why could you need etch yours printed circuit board from your home? For example it may be cheaper than giving your panels off to a fabrication company. The next reason is when you're planning to deliver your boards off to have them skillfully done, by printing several prototypes home to try very first will save you money! Nothing beats having your panels back in the mail to find out you had something very wrong with your design!
Source: www.instructables.com
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