Video hosting: an overview of the most popular video services in the world

March 15, 2022
11: Network Summary

Video hosting is a platform for downloading and viewing videos in a browser through its own media player. Such services store data and share content with other users. Many people stop watching television and switch to video hosting, because here they can find much more content according to their interests.

Consider the most famous services in the world for hosting and watching videos.

  • YouTube

The most popular video hosting is, of course, YouTube, and its users are estimated to view over 6 billion hours of various videos every day. YouTube developers have taken care of an easy interface, and have also created many functions so that this platform is suitable for as many users as possible. Users can subscribe to an interesting channel for them, leave comments, put likes/ dislikes. The service offers its users different subscriptions to watch videos without ads and offline. The most profitable is the  YouTube premium family subscription.

  • Dailymotion

The platform has an easy interface, the user sees the video in his news feed on the main screen. Various videos can be found on the platform, ranging from politics to music videos. To customize the service for yourself, you need to go to the settings and edit your interests.

  • Vimeo

Perhaps one of the most famous competitors of YouTube. This is the first platform in the world that started supporting HD format. This platform also has a user-friendly interface, so it's not surprising that about 100 million people visit this platform every month.

In this ranking, it is the only paid platform. There is a free version, but it does not have very convenient restrictions.It allows you to publish one video per week with a size of no more than 1 GB.

Image by muhammadsaqii786 from Pixabay

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