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April 15, 2020
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All Tesco branded inkjet and laser toner cartridges are fully guaranteed against defects because faulty products or workmanship.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with a Tesco inkjet item, please call the Tesco Ink Helpline on 0800 091 0095 for advice.

If for explanation you aren't totally satisfied with a Tesco laser toner item, please call the Toner Helpline on 0800 091 0098 along with your Tesco Direct research quantity for advice.

If regarding explanation the situation occurs whereby it really is reported that a Tesco branded ink cartridge or laser toner cartridge item has actually damaged the printer, the next shall use. Tesco guarantees that, in normal usage its products cannot cause harm or unusual wear when found in printers which these are typically made to function. Tesco and also the maker for the Tesco services and products shall not be liable if any harm or abnormal wear to a printer might have been brought on by goods perhaps not furnished by Tesco used in the printer before or after the using a Tesco suitable inkjet cartridges, re-manufactured inkjet cartridges or re-manufactured Laser Toner cartridges.

If it's claimed that problems for the printer was due to a Tesco branded inkjet or laser toner cartridge, the client should call the Ink Helpline on 0800 091 0095 or Toner Helpline on 0800 091 0098 to prepare for his or her printer is inspected within supplier’s cost.

An engineer’s report will need as much as 20 days and replacement an acceptable period thereafter. The maker determine the term reasonable duration. Manufacturer’s obligation when it comes to customer shall perhaps not surpass extent required to restore or replace the printer if found harmed by a Tesco product.

This guarantee shall stop to simply take impact if Tesco items are damaged, either wilfully or negligently, dismantled or perhaps tampered with or misused by, for or on behalf or perhaps the buyer or any third party.

Printer Life Span

All printers have a finite life span. Componentry may fail due to it achieving the end of the working life (eg. The print mind of an inkjet printer. Inside particular instance it isn't the Tesco product which has damaged the printing mind).

Although we cannot determine the genuine age and amount of utilization of a printer, the inkjet producer will use their particular discretion to ascertain perhaps the printer has now reached the termination of its life.

This can be ideal based on searching to the day the printer became obsolete according to the printer manufacturer. If we determine the printer had indeed achieved the termination of its life we accept no duty and will not be prone to repair or replace the printer.

Regarding laser toner cartridges this guarantee is good for a time period of 3 years from day of buy and shall stop to simply take effect if Tesco products are damaged, either wilfully or negligently, dismantled or otherwise tampered with or misused by, for or on part or perhaps the buyer or any third party.

The guarantee shall cease to take effect in the event that Tesco branded services and products are purchased outside Tesco authorized circulation channels (during composing shop, Tesco.com, Tesco Direct).

Source: www.tesco.com
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