Clear decal paper for inkjet printers

November 4, 2016
CLEAR & WHITE Water Slide
How-to Apply Inkjet waterslide decal paper
  • Action no. 1: Design your decals using any visual computer software. (Use 8 1/2 " x 11" sheet BEL INKJET Decal Paper or cut sheet into 1 / 2 if desired.)
  • Step number 2: Set your printer as follows:
    • Resolution = Most Useful
    • Paper = Photo Gloss
    • (Print your decal on the glossy side of BEL INK JET Decal Paper.)
  • Action number 3: Spray your printed sheet uniformly with Krylon Acrylic magnificent High Gloss spray before sheet has a-shine (2-3 coats). Allow 30 to 60 moments to dried out and set. (this system is present at any art or hardware store including Loews, Residence Depot, Ace equipment, Walmart, an such like. Any acrylic clear coating squirt will continue to work.)
  • Step number 4: Cut out your image utilizing a regular couple of sharp household scissors.
  • Step no. 5: spot decal into a cup clean water for 45-60 moments and take away once the slim decal movie starts to slip along backing. (Discard backing product following the decal is eliminated)
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