Label software for Zebra Printers

November 12, 2018
SOLO Studio for Zebra Download

The greatest Form of Printer Intelligence

Link-OS may be the one-of-a-kind enterprise printer operating-system within Zebra’s most recent type of printers. Featuring advanced level connectivity capabilities, considerable unit administration and higher level privacy controls, no other printers deliver this amount of intelligence and development. Printers operating Link-OS tend to be sustained by a suite of powerful programs, resources and Developer Tools, making it an easy task to create powerful, adaptable and smart printing solutions.

Link-OS Printers Have A Notice for Business

Link-OS printers and software do more than simply printing. Utilizing device and occasion exposure, Link-OS printers and software programs empower businesses and it also teams to optimize crucial processes and data flows. Behavioral bottlenecks and downtime drivers can easily be spotted and corrected, before they impact profitability. From Cloud Connectivity and advanced level multi-language help to built-in upgradability, Link-OS printers stand out, delivering special price — today and tomorrow.

Find out more about the first-ever printers to combine cleverness and brawn with Enterprise dependability and IoT technology.

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