Advertising that does works

March 11, 2021

One of the directions which the advertising companies work in is the creation of advertising banners on the rack. Today pavement signs are becoming more and more popular among various categories of customers. Bank branches, shops, salons, showrooms, cafes, restaurants and other businesses use it to attract visitors.

Pavement sign works great as signposts where many advertising media already are taking place. Being at the level of a person’s eyes walking along the sidewalk or a shopping centre aisle, these structures does attract attention.

As a rule, pavement sign has a catchy design and a minimum of the most necessary information. Practice has shown that usually it is reasonable to make it by standard sizes and configurations. It makes it kind of hard to miss.

Please notice that it is might needed to be register with local authorities a possibility of putting pavement signs outside, and the placement of these carriers without permission is might be prohibited.

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