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November 12, 2022
Small Fabric Printing Machine

Recommended products for printing on textile making use of an inkjet printerAs we pointed out in a previous post, I print on fabric making use of my inkjet printer using various different strategies, and I also also utilize various different items to ultimately achieve the results I’m wanting. Let’s have a look at the merchandise that i personally use. (remember that the links here will recommend you straight to the merchandise supplier where I have my materials from.)


Epson P400 Open Format Inkjet Printer
This is the printer I presently use for publishing on material. This might be a wide structure printer that prints up to 13″ large and 44″ long, and it also makes use of pigment inks which are waterproof. I love Epson printers because they seldom, if, give me personally any difficulty whenever feeding material through.


For general-purpose textile prints I use EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets which are commercial textile sheets that are pre-treated so that the prints tend to be washable. I like applying this fabric because I have a consistent and quality material printing each and every time. You can aquire these in standard size sheets or perhaps in a convenient roll that is the thing I utilize.

For large-size general purpose textile prints I prefer Jacquard Fabrisign which can be offered by Dharma Trading. This textile is available in moves in sizes from 17″ to 58″ wide, is easily supported with paper so that it’s all set through printer, and it is obtainable in a lot of different cotton and silk. This textile is pre-treated for water-resistance it is perhaps not waterproof therefore the images are not washable.

Recommended services and products for printing on fabric utilizing an inkjet printerJacquard Procoat that is in addition available from Dharma Trading, is a textile that's pre-treated for washability however it can only be applied with unique printer inks and needs special therapy to make the prints washable.

For printing pictures on sheer material, we often make use of Extravorganza that is a silk organza with a paper backing willing to give through the printer. This is really convenient in making quick images.

Fabric Pre-Treatments

If you want to get ready yours textile without purchase commercial material, the products are recommended assuring water-resistance and washability of the fabric prints.

Bubble Jet Set is a liquid which is used to pre-soak your textile before publishing, and making your images waterproof and washable. it is suited to use with 100% cotton and silk. When the image is printed you will need to rinse it using Bubble Jet Rinse which will ensure that any excess ink is removed.

suggested items for printing on fabric utilizing an inkjet printerOnce the inkjet print is cleaned and dried, after that you can iron onto a piece of freezer paper which will become a carrier therefore the fabric can give through your printer. C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets tend to be heavyweight freezer paper sheets that can help to give the textile using your printer without jamming. Paper jams are a typical problem by using ordinary fridge report that will be rather thin and tends to flake out within sides and edges which will often cause massive and messy paper jams in your printer. We no longer make use of these items when I get the preparation too time-consuming as well as the answers are never as good as whenever I utilize EQ Printables.

You will find more information about using Bubble Jetset here, and more information about affixing textile to a freezer report backing here.

Inkaid and Digital Grounds

Inkaid and Golden Digital Grounds are fluid solutions which are painted onto a set area to get ready the surface for printing using an inkjet printer. Using these products it's simple to print on any substrate that can fit through a printer particularly handmade documents, metals like aluminum and copper, movie, lumber veneer, synthetic, and glass.

Even though you can quickly feed textile throughout your printer, whenever you pre-treat your fabric making use of Inkaid or Digital Grounds, it dramatically enhances the color, clarity and quality of the imprinted picture. As I’ve mentioned before, the essential difference between printing on plain textile (left), and printing on textile that's addressed with Inkaid or Digital Grounds (right) is very amazing.

But not only do you require these items to prepare ordinary textile, you can utilize them to pre-treat fabric that previously had been impractical to print on eg cheesecloth

and lace fabric

along with to boost the quality of photos imprinted on sheer textiles.

Inkaid and Golden Digital Grounds both have actually standard services and products in keeping, but they also have items that are unique for their brand name. Including Inkaid provides iridescent treatments that Golden doesn’t have, and Golden offers excellent paint-on sealers that Inkaid does not have. Between your two brands there is a whole world of enjoyable and checking out to complete and I also intend to get into it much more in the future articles.

advised items for printing on material making use of an inkjet printer Inkjet Print on Fabric - Lace
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