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October 19, 2022
Fujifilm DX100 Smartlab

Top-notch publishing, compact design permits picture merchants to determine printing methods matching to printing services and set up space.

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) launched the recently improvement “Smartlab” Frontier-S, a tight and top quality, brand new idea Inkjet printer, which enables photo stores having something matching to merchants' printing solutions, installation space and budget. Picture retailers can establish numerous print systems such as “Minilab system” with which store clerk makes photo prints behind the shop counter, and “Self print system” with which consumer make image images by themselves.

Fujifilm has been promoting “Retail Print”, at Fujifilm connected retail stores for electronic photos. This service is realized by electronic minilab “Frontier” and Fujifilm added inkjet digital minilab into lineup in 2008 as well as silver halide digital minilab.

The name of “Frontier-S” is a combination of “Frontier” which expresses high-quality print of Fujifilm, therefore the brand-new item idea “S” which means “Small” set up space, “Scalable” meaning flexible setup of several printers, and “Smart” business.
“Smartlab” Frontier-S could possibly offer minilab system, self printing system and occasion photo system* with mixture of optimum 4 printers based on consumers need.
Fujifilm will call compact high-quality printer for flexible setup as “Smartlab”** in Japan.

The “Smartlab” Frontier-S allows high-quality printing with the combination of exclusive inkjet paper, recently developed six ink system “ViViDiA D-Photo” containing Fujifilm's unique ozone and light resistant dye and special image handling technology “Image Intelligence™” with its compact body of only 0.2m2 foot print. In addition knows printing speed of 360 images each hour (4” × 6” printing, standard mode). In addition it aids both types of color reproduction, which are “Natural shade reproduction” and “Vivid shade reproduction” mode. Natural color reproduction mode supports similar color reproduction as gold halide prints***. Vivid shade reproduction mode is suitable to focus on shade tones with greater saturation. Variable print dimensions from 127 mm × 89 mm to maximum 210 mm × 1, 000 mm and two kinds of paper surface of shiny and luster allow customers to offer different print solutions.

Fujifilm will show minilab system, self kiosk printing system and occasion photo system with setup of numerous “Smartlab” Frontier-S as reference display at “PHOTO THEN 2013” which will be held at Tokyo Big website Japan on Summer 25 and 26.

Fujifilm will continue to provide convenient and high value printing solutions optimized combination of various types of printers that meet the switching marketplace requires therefore develop the culture of photography.

  • * techniques which offers print solutions at enjoyment park, theme park and traveler resort.
  • ** “Smart lab” is a trade-mark of Fujifilm in Japan.
  • *** picture print by processing process after contact with photographic product including silver halide and coloring product on base movie
Source: www.fujifilm.com
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