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September 25, 2018
PhotoSmart D110 stopped

most HP printer models designed to use HP 564 and HP 564XL ink cartridges may go through bad image high quality and/or ‘color cross-contamination’ at some time during the printer’s life.Degraded Image high quality or Missing Colors

It is suggested to first initiate the ‘Clean Printhead’ function (in TOOLS/MAINTENANCE menu) to ensure atmosphere isn't caught inside recently refilled ink cartridge or printhead. The ‘Clean Printhead’ feature can also help clear a clogged printhead.

HP564 Ink-Series Printer Versions — Printhead Cleansing:

Allow 24-48 hours for foam to fully take in ink

If, following a number of tried ‘Clean Printhead’ activities, choose colors never recuperate, after that permit the recently refilled cartridge sit upright and idle when you look at the printer (or with storage space limits set up if cartridges are not yet set up), for about 36 hours (in other words. don't use printer during this time). Quite often HP564 ink cartridges which have been allowed to dry out (or select colors were allowed to run completely empty during normal printing usage) will be problematic immediately following ink refilling – you will need to allow cartridge foam (ink port at base of suspect ink cartridge) to fully absorb the ink – unfortunately this typically takes 24 – 48 hours.

To verify all colors are firing properly, print a personal Test web page or Print Quality Report in resources or maintenance menu. You can also select an Inkjet411 test printing by clicking the switch the following:

A normal looking Print high quality Report (in other words. interior printer test) is pictured under:

If this doesn't correct the cross-contamination (or smearing of ink) then your concern can be corrected by washing the service place (capping station/parking pad) wipers of ink residue and build up.Allow-24-48-hours-for-foam-to-fully-absorb-ink You might also want to give consideration to cleaning the printhead’s rear electrical associates additionally the carriage assemblies electric contact area of any ink residue (tips 4-9). Reference consumer guide for total directions; here procedures are provided for general assistance only.

1) open-top cover/cartridge address to printer – carriage should move away from service station/capping place.

2) The removal of the cartridges from carriage.

3) At service section location (either left or right side of printer bay), making use of a wet bath towel, gently wipe the leading and back sides of every wiper knife – eliminate all ink residue & build-up.

CARE: Wipers are fine and may be damaged quickly if pushed with too much weight.

4) eliminate printhead assembly by pulling upon lever at right-side of carriage (if Printhead is detachable – check your User Manual).

Bad Self-Test Dry-foam-ports-take-48-hours-to-recover Print-Quality-Report_Excellent-Quality cleansing Wiper Edges_HP Deskjet 3520 (564s)_NEW
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