Anser U2 inkjet printer

September 20, 2020
Anser U2 Inkjet Printers

The ANSER U2 raises the bar in thermal inkjet publishing. Having its 2.7-inch Liquid Crystal Display display and anti-shock design, the ANSER U2 supports streamlining your production range. The small printer includes a SD card slot built in towards 4-in-1 sandwich housing for message storage space, backup, and pc software improvements. The ANSER U2 comes in three different types to suit your coding and marking needs. Additionally it is obtainable in a mobile, hand-held design to improve freedom.

ANSER U2 Standard

  • Variable DPI: 100-600 quality
  • Built in photocell
  • Printing capabilities include:
  • Text
  • Barcodes (10 standard included)
  • Logos/Graphics
  • Counters
  • Termination Date
  • Date/time, Shift, and Lot-box rules
  • 10 lines of Print: 0.5” level max
  • ANSER U2 HD Net

    ANSER U2 HD internet builds upon the functionality of this ANSER U2 including the next features:

  • High-definition publishing
  • Variable information capabilities
  • QR and PDF417
  • DataMatrix and GS1 118 (optional)
  • Networking
  • Control up to 64 devices
  • Connect around 6 devices per range
  • Program Integration: Computer, PLC
  • ANSER U2 Mobile

    ANSER U2 Mobile has all functionality associated with the ANSER U2 traditional or ANSER U2 HD internet in a convenient and user-friendly mobile version.

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