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January 2, 2021
Epson L220 Multi-function

Requirements Notes:
1 ISO ppm is founded on the new international standard for measuring printing rate. Ebony and color printing rates are determined in default, single-side mode, relative to ISO/IEC 24734. Black and color two-sided printing rates are determined in two-sided mode, in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734. Real print times will vary centered on system configuration, computer software, and page complexity. See for details, including complete ISO reports.

2 Display permanence predicated on accelerated evaluation of prints presented under glass in interior display conditions; record permanence based on accelerated evaluation of prints in dark storage space problems. Actual printing stability vary according to news, printed image, show conditions, light intensity, heat, humidity and atmospheric circumstances. Epson will not guarantee the durability of images. For maximum printing life, display all prints under cup or UV filter or correctly store all of them.

3 Yields according to ISO/IEC 24711 tests in standard mode publishing continuously. Actual yields will undoubtedly be lower with higher-density images, hot or dirty circumstances, less regular printing, or printing predominantly with one color. All ink colors are used for publishing and printer maintenance, and all colors have to be set up for publishing. For print high quality, part of the ink from the included cartridges can be used for printer startup and a variable level of ink continues to be when you look at the cartridges after the "replace cartridge" sign. For details, see

4 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n certified; standard of performance at the mercy of the range for the router used.

5 Some programs and/or functions may not be supported by Mac.

Fastest double-sided, laser-quality black colored PPM speeds in its class according to ISO 24734 for wireless inkjet printers $130 or less, as of December 2010.

Get about 2x even more images per cartridge compared to Epson's 126 Black ink cartridge.

Less energy used set alongside the best-selling monochrome and shade multifunction laser printers designed for $499 or less by January 1, 2009. Real energy savings will vary by-product design and consumption.

Epson provides phone help without charge for life of the item. Phone cost fees may apply.

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