Epson Inkjet Printer parts

February 20, 2016
4 color Continuous ink system
I am maybe not a specialist at electronic devices. However with a bit of googling, and seeking at PCB board for the Printer, We have two FULL-BRIDGE PWM MOTOR DRIVERS (UDN2917E That sell for $9.99 each on ebay. Already wired into motors!

I prefer the idea of reusing the power supply circuitry.

I will also imagine, the plastic instance becoming ground down, and recycled into filament being recycled into new parts.

We'll nered two even more engines. I've the bigger 13" version of this printer in my own storage, i am going to reuse. Would the 5" longer drive sleep be better ideal for a certain axis?

And so I have actually a 9" and 13" apprx. motor-driven pulley system.

I do believe the synthetic gears operating the report through the printer is ideal for the extruder.

Its fun to figure out simply how much of these components are re-purposed.

Could you tell me more info on the "The opto end stops will also be extremely usefull. " in which are they and exactly how do I need to utilize them?

I wonder if the circuitry and ribbon cable to your print head could possibly be reused some how?


What a cool idea, that lots of useful may currently have the parts for a 3D printer in their garage or closet.

I do have an Arduino.

I'll hold back until I get more before thinking of building the hot head. I've a classic apple Laserwriter professional 600. I'm certain there are a lot of gears, material rods and motors around.

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