Scanner software for HP printer

July 2, 2019

Presets menu in HP effortless ScanIf the app cannot instantly available, search the Mac for scan, after that click HP Easy Scan in directory of results.

Place the document or image printed part upon the scanner glass, then shut the scanner lid.

When your printer has an automatic document feeder (ADF), you should use it to scan numerous page papers at once. Don't weight photos into the ADF to avoid problems for the photographs additionally the printer.

In HP effortless Scan, choose your printer name through the Scanner drop down selection.

HP Simple Scan editing toolsSelect your scan type through the Presets menu.

To improve any standard options towards preset you picked, simply click Edit Settings.

Figure : Presets selection in HP Easy Scan

Simply Click Scan.

Click Scan Following Item to include extra pages, or mouse click Done.

Clicking forward to save lots of a scan to a folder regarding MacClick the thumbnail form of the scanned product in the left panel. That shows in the right preview pane.

Simply click Edit to modify colors, straighten the scan, or crop the scale.

Figure : HP Simple Scan editing resources

To save lots of your scans to a folder in the Mac, click submit underneath correct spot regarding the window, then click Folder.

Figure : Click Send to truly save a scan to a folder on Mac

Within the window that presents, click on the wherein menu to browse towards folder you need to save your self the file to, after that click protect.

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