UV curable inkjet printer

December 30, 2022
High Resolution / Speed UV

Ultraviolet treatable inkjet making use of ultraviolet light could be the quickest growing ink section in the electronic publishing market, far surpassing the growth rates of aqueous and solvent based inks. UV treatable inks usually contain reactive monomers, picture initiators, oligomers, pigments and additives that, when introduced to an ultraviolet (UV) lamp, develop a rigid film; the reactive monomers in UV immediately crosslink to provide a cured, cross-linked coating without any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

UV curable inks offer immediate drying out (curing) on an array of substrates from metals, cup, and ceramics to flexible packaging, thin-gauge polymeric movies, and more. Ultraviolet curable inks additionally offer exceptional printing quality, adhesion, scratch opposition, light fastness and color thickness.

Energy treatable inkjet is a rapidly growing and evolving part of development for Collins, while the publishing business. Collins’ Ultra system of UV curable inkjet inks addresses the visual arts and commercial publishing markets. The option of brand new distribution methods, curing technologies, and recycleables will continue to create brand-new and interesting opportunities for inkjet.

Source: www.kaocollins.com
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