Imaje inkjet printer

February 8, 2023
Imaje inkjet

Markem Imaje solutions: thermal ink printers for quality pallet coding

Markem-Imaje delivers fully integrated solutions of product identification and traceabilitysolutions that enable product quality and safety, regulatory and retailer compliance, better product recalls and improved manufacturing processes.

Discover the range of thermal ink printers designed and manufactured by Markem-Imaje, a global provider of coding and marking solutions for industry. Achieve quality print labelling for product identification and traceability with innovative, efficient and functional thermal transfer systems.

Designed for high performance marking on pallet wrapping films, Markem-Imaje thermal ink printers come with longlife printheads and provide quality printing. Feel free to learn more about our 2200 Series of thermal ink printers and the CimPak design for marking of bardcode, serial numbers, product description and best before dates., a Markem-Imaje expert can advise you about appropriate models for your packaging operations.

As a world leader of coding and marking solutions, Markem-Imaje offers a complete range of industrial thermal ink printers, laser markers and continuous and drop on demand inkjet technologies to meet the specific needs for quality coding of its customers. If you would like any further information about our thermal ink printers, please contact us.

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Thermal ink printer : More about Industrial printing

Markem-Imaje has been successfully serving industry worldwide for decades and offers a complete range of innovative, easy-to-use solutions for every coding and marking need. For more informations on our products and services, please contact us.

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