Samsung inkjet printers

October 3, 2022
Samsung Inkjet Printers

printed fingerprintsFingerprints imprinted using an inkjet printer full of capacitive ink and special paper can fool smartphone fingerprint sensors. Photo: Michigan State University

Fingerprint detectors used to secure smart phones is fooled with some thing as simple as a inkjet printer, scientists from Michigan State University show.

A Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Huawei Honor 7 had been unlocked effectively making use of a fingerprint printed using a typical inkjet printer full of special ink and report by Kai Cao and Anil Jain from the department of computer system science and engineering.

The researchers took scans of a few hands and printed all of them in 2D on paper making use of conductive ink – ink which conducts a charge – and special report that's usually utilized for printing electric circuits as well as other charge-carrying methods.

They discovered they could reproduce the method for a couple of different hands for many different volunteers using very little time utilizing common gear. Past spoofing efforts that want producing a model of the fingerprint in timber glue or rubber took at least 30 minutes to produce, frequently needing unique gear and handbook manipulation ability.

Cao and Jain stated: “This experiment further verifies the urgent requirement for anti-spoofing techniques for fingerprint recognition systems, especially for mobile devices that are being more and more used for unlocking the phone and payment.”

Video showing the hack

The Samsung Galaxy S6 in addition to Huawei Honor 7 use comparable fingerprint scanner technology to the majority of of these utilized across devices from Google’s Nexus smart phones to LG’s G5. Exactly the same technique is going to be able to spoof other smartphones.

The risk for your typical user of the happening is very little, given that any person trying to unlock a smartphone utilizing an imprinted fingerprint first requires a great, high-resolution scan regarding the fingerprint used to unlock the phone. But for law enforcement agencies, it might represent a quick and effective way of unlocking a suspect’s smartphone without turning to backdoors.

Usually smartphone using a fingerprint sensor require the password or pin to be entered after 48 hours or once the phone happens to be driven down, but having the ability to lift a print, scan it in and printing it in just a few minutes makes 48 hours appear to be a sufficient screen of opportunity if you don’t reset the code or let the phone turn fully off.

A Samsung representative said: “Samsung takes fingerprint security extremely really, and now we wish to assure that users’ fingerprints tend to be encrypted and securely saved inside our products designed with fingerprint detectors.

Due to the fact report it self highlights, it will take specific equipment, materials and circumstances to simulate a person’s fingerprint including being in ownership associated with fingerprint owner’s phone to unlock the unit.

If at any time there was a credible possible vulnerability, we'll work promptly to analyze and fix the matter.”

A Huawei representative stated: “Honor takes information integrity really really and we also are focused on safeguarding consumer privacy through the continual updating of brand new technologies, including fingerprint sensor technology.

“We are aware of numerous reports which can make the declare that weaknesses occur in fingerprint sensor technology utilized by several producers, including Honor. We prepared Honor 7 with a chipset amount safety solution where private data by means of fingerprint pictures is safeguarded with equipment. This solution is dramatically superior to compared to other Android os mobile phones.

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