Printing on vinyl with inkjet printers

March 10, 2020
1.6M DX5 Eco solvent printer

Printed, cutout plastic artwork usually takes many forms.Printed, cutout plastic artwork usually takes numerous forms.

Hemera Pictures

Vinyl screen images consist of parking-permission stickers and little decals to whole-vehicle advertising wrappings that publicize your company or your clients' organizations. Whereas these media and projects when needed big, costly production hardware, at this point you have actually options that provide compatibility with standard desktop computer equipment. Based what you need to print and how big you need to print it, perhaps you are capable achieve your goals because of the equipment you already own.


The printable-vinyl market includes choices that target people ranging from hobbyists and crafters to huge enterprises and indication stores. You can easily choose production materials to suit a computer device you already very own, or select a tool in line with the forms of materials you want to print. In addition, you can slim down your options based on the style of application you want to install. For example, graphics that abide by the interior of a window must offer lightfast properties to resist sunlight diminishing, while products applied to outdoor conditions have to be weather-resistant.

Desktop Inkjet

For small projects designed for in-house usage, you'll choose printable vinyl compatible with desktop computer inkjet printers and obtainable in letter-sized sheets. These products need no unique inks, and may dry nearly as fast as regular inkjet output. You may have to let them set for a day before they develop full water weight, however the substrate needs no unique fixatives or extra surface therapy to utilize in outside surroundings.

Large-Format Inkjet

Pro indication producers depend on large-format inkjet printers arranged to use roll-fed media. Many of these products cure their inks with Light-emitting Diode lamps for totally dried out output as soon as it emerges from the printer. Some offer white ink to build a base where to printing graphics on transparent stock. When you select vinyl news, verify that the substrate you choose offers compatibility using the forms of inks your printer uses, including dye, pigment or UV. Perforated vinyls enable you to develop complex photos which cover vehicle windows without limiting visibility.


Many vinyl-graphic treatments look their utmost whenever cut out in freeform shapes. By using a printer that works well in collaboration with a vinyl cutter, take time to ready your artwork to-be appropriate for it by starting vector-based styles that function unified shapes, without discrete forms layered in addition to each other or partly hidden by masks. If you're uncertain whether your projects will print and cut properly, consult with your equipment's maker or do a test run before you decide to try to create large volumes.

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