Laser printers versus Inkjet

August 19, 2014
Laser Printer Vs Inkjet Des

Small Business Computing Compares Inkjet Versus Laser Printers

Back 2005, we compared shade inkjet printers with laser printers and came out overwhelmingly in favor of laser printers for smaller businesses. In the intervening many years, but appears the inkjet could have closed the space. In a few instances, especially the more expensive business-class inkjets, they may have even less expensive lifetime prices than laser printers.

"just what the manufacturers among these printers don't completely explain to customers may be the true price of ownership of a low-cost shade printer, " states Jeremy Shulman, vice president of operations at ReInk Technology, a reseller of remanufactured ink cartridges under the Vibrantink, Cartridge Technologies and brands. "the typical guideline is the fact that the less expensive the printer, the more high priced the disposable costs for refills an such like."

Although the printers tend to be virtually distributed, the refills generate a king's ransom when it comes to huge printer original-equipment makers (OEM). According to Lyra Research, the globally printer cartridge replacement marketplace (inkjet and laser toner) is really worth a lot more than the printer hardware market. Cartridges total about $72 billion yearly. HP alone makes about $15 billion on printer cartridges. Lexmark tends to make about $3 billion on printer cartridges, about 70 per cent of complete organization revenue.

The worldwide laser printer and multifunction printer (MFP - copying, publishing, faxing and scanning) shipments tend to be about 23 million units a-year at a price of $40 billion. Worldwide inkjet printer and MFP deliveries, conversely, exceed 80 million products nevertheless the equipment price is $10 billion. The top profits tend to be demonstrably in inkjet cartridges.

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