Epson Inkjet Photo Printer

June 24, 2019
Epson L800 - Epson

The Epson Stylus colors inkjet printer

The Epson Stylus Color obtained Epson revived worldwide recognition for printers

No longer reliant on photofinishers or publishing solutions, people can easily and easily printing spectacular photographs, content, and papers in shade, yourself or at the office. And Epson is an important reason.

Epson earned restored worldwide recognition for printers in 1994, when it circulated the Epson Stylus colors inkjet printer.

The Epson Stylus Color changed the printing landscape. It had been the whole world's first printer to supply color images at stunning 720-dpi quality yet sold for a really low price during the time. Introduced into the day when inkjet printers were utilized nearly solely for monochrome design and text output, this printer produced richly detailed, photo-quality prints, immediately ushering in a unique age in color printing.

The Epson Stylus picture color inkjet printer

The Epson Stylus Photo, an explosive hit that accelerated the house image publishing trend

The stream of people embracing house picture publishing became a torrent in 1996, while the launch of Epson Stylus picture inkjet printer exposed the floodgates.

Supplying fast printing rates and, with a six-color ink set, high quality that outstripped also that of conventional silver-halide image prints, this inkjet printer was critically acclaimed by expert professional photographers and reviewers and became exremely popular with customers.

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