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October 6, 2021
Canon PIXMA iP3 printer

Dimatix DMP-2831 Inkjet Printer

Equipment Details
Products Constraint
Test Size max 200X300 mm level 25mm
Chemicals Used no volatile toxic permitted
Gear Handbook
Running Treatment
Supported Procedures

The Dimatix inkjet printer is fantastic for laboratory, process development, products evaluation for ink jet printing on surfaces. The DMP-2831 allows the deposition of fluidic materials on an 8x11 inch or A4 substrate, making use of a disposable piezo inkjet cartridge. This printer can create and define patterns over a location around 200 x 300 mm and manage substrates around 25 mm thick with an adjustable Z level. The heat of the vacuum platen, which secures the substrate set up, is adjusted up to 60°C. Patterns are created using the editor system or brought in. In addition, a waveform editor and a drop-watch digital camera system permits manipulation of this electric pulses toward piezo jetting device for optimization of this drop traits because it's ejected from the nozzle. This method allows easy publishing of frameworks and examples for procedure verification and prototype creation. The Dimatix MEMS-based cartridge-style printhead that enables users to fill their very own liquids and printing instantly with all the DMP. To minimize waste of costly fluids, each cartridge reservoir features a capacity of 1.5 ml. Cartridges can easily be replaced to facilitate printing of a number of liquids. Each single-use cartridge features 16 nozzles linearly spread at 254 microns with typical fall sizes of 1 and 10 picoliters.


  • Substrate rotation alignment utilizing reference scars
  • Allows placement regarding the print origin to match substrate positioning
  • Dimension of features and places
  • Inspection and picture capture of printed pattern or drops
  • Matching drop placement to formerly patterned substrate
  • Cartridge alignment when using multiple cartridges
  • Layer by level deposition
  • Consumer can fill cartridge with very own ink

Equipment details

  • Fiducial digital camera
  • Drop watcher for jetting optimization
  • Heated phase
  • Two size of drop 10 pL and 1 pL
  • Especial cartridges for polar solvents

Substrate requirements

The printer encourage any solid flat substrate that a width smaller than 25 mm. Exemplory instance of substrates: wafers, steel foils, polymer sheets, report. Substrates are patterned since the instrument can align and write on already existing frameworks.

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