Canon PIXMA pro-100 Inkjet Printer

November 27, 2020
Canon Pixma Pro-100
Print your eyesight up to 13" x 19"
Print expert quality photographs on different news up to 13" x 19".
Pro Quality, integrated
Canon Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) features a complex printing head that allows printing with minute droplets and high quality as much as 4800 x 2400 dpi.7
Real Monochrome Prints
The 3 monochrome inks which are the main 8-ink ChromaLife 100+ system4 consist of Ebony, Gray, and light-gray. These inks deliver improved, deep black thickness to boost your standard of professional print quality when designing the remarkable expression of grayscale photography.
Optimum Research and Blend Of Color
The Optimum Image Generating (OIG) program utilizes two major technologies that were initially introduced inside PIXMA PRO-1 - the foremost is a classy blending stability of inks determined from numerous ink combinations and higher level analysis. In this evaluation, the OIG program very carefully determines the most effective results for each print mode and paper type used while viewing numerous image aspects including color reproduction, tonal gradations, black density, reduced graininess, glossiness, anti-bronzing and anti-metamerism. These critical ink managing concepts derive from Canon's expertise in imaging technology, as well as the familiar colors of life that individuals see and remember on a daily basis - the second reason is the balancing of color reproduction, tonal gradations, and uniform glossiness. The wizard and power associated with the OIG System is truly showcased if your picture is printed, displayed, and is seen exactly as you envisioned it.
Professional Printing
The effective Print Studio professional plug-in software2 provides expert photographers effective printing solutions and that can directly hand-over picture data. Print Studio professional works with with Digital Photo Professional (ver 2.1 or later), Adobe® Photoshop® CS, Adobe® Photoshop Elements®, and Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®.
Uniform Ink Level
The Chroma Optimizer brings consistent ink level over the printed image and regulates area expression. This maintains the normal color and integrity of printed photographs.
Only Plug it in
This effective Easy-PhotoPrint Pro3 plug-in pc software provides expert professional photographers effective printing solutions and that can directly hand-over image data. Easy-PhotoPrint professional works with with Digital Photo expert (ver 2.1 or later on), Adobe® Photoshop® CS, Adobe® Photoshop Elements®, and Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®.
Versatile Paper Managing
Two way report eating provides a back tray for some supported news kinds and a dedicated manual feed at the back of the printer for easy loading of thicker reports.
Built-in Wi-Fi & Ethernet Connectivity
The integral Wi-Fi1 offers you the freedom to put the printer in which it really is convenient and allows several people to seamlessly print from several computer systems.
Built-in CD and DVD Printing
Easily printing onto your printable CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs and jackets.


1. cordless printing needs a working Ethernet system with cordless 802.11b/g or n ability. Cordless overall performance may vary considering landscapes and length amongst the printer and wireless network clients.
2. Print Studio professional plug-in application is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5/CS5.1, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8/9/10, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.7/3 and Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.12 or later on.

Additional Disclaimers

3. Easy-PhotoPrint professional computer software suitable for Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.
4. Based on accelerated examination by Canon in dark storage space under controlled temperature, humidity and gasoline problems, simulating storage space in a record album with synthetic sleeves. Canon cannot guarantee the longevity of images; outcomes may vary based printed image, drying out time, display/storage circumstances, and environmental aspects. See for extra details.

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