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September 5, 2022
LC115 117 LC 115 117 refill

Generic-Printer_with-InkDrops_transparentIf you are pursuing a ‘Refill Friendly Printer’ that will help you save very well ink prices – below is our recommended range of existing HP, Canon and Epson printer designs which use individual ink cartridges (for example. 4, 5 & 6 ink-cartridge furnished printer designs that function an integrated printhead).


HP 950/951 ink-series printer models:

HP 932/933 ink-series printer models:

HP 934/935 ink-series printer designs:

NOTE: HP 932, HP 933, HP 932XL, HP 933XL, HP 934, HP 935, HP 934XL, HP 935XL, HP 950, HP 951, HP 950XL and HP 951XL refilled ink cartridges have an alternative processor chip incorporated with the ink refill (except Mexico) so they really will operate nearly exactly the same as HP initial ink cartridges. You just need certainly to sidestep an initial message which states “non-genuine ink cartridge installed”, or comparable, then you can print generally thereafter. Ink compatibility and color gamut (color range) is equally exemplary.


Canon 250/251 suitable Printers (select your printer):

Canon 270/271 appropriate Printers (choose your printer):

HP-934-935-Carts_OEM_smallPIXMA iP7220, PIXMA iP7250, PIXMA iP8720, PIXMA iP8750, PIXMA iX6820, PIXMA iX6850, PIXMA MG5420, PIXMA MG5450, PIXMA MG5520, PIXMA MG5550, PIXMA MG5620, PIXMA MG5650, PIXMA MG6320, PIXMA MG6350, PIXMA MG6420, PIXMA MG6450, PIXMA MG6620, PIXMA MG6650, PIXMA MG7120, PIXMA MG7150, PIXMA MG7520, PIXMA MG7550, PIXMA MG7750, PIXMA MX722, PIXMA MX725, PIXMA MX922, PIXMA MX925

NOTE 1: Following Canon 250, 251, 250XL, 251XL, 270, 271, 270XL, 271XL, 550, 551, 550XL, 551XL, 570, 571, 570XL or 571XL ink cartridge set up into the printer you will have to press the printer’s ‘stop/reset’ switch (for example. upside-down triangle group icon switch) for 5-8 seconds to turn on use of the refilled cartridges. This can have to be repeated for each cartridge that has been refilled (i.e. 4 cartridges = 4 resets needed). Ink compatibility and shade gamut (shade range) is similarly excellent.

NOTE 2: most globally ink refill labs currently reset the 250/251 and 550/551 potato chips now (as of Jan 2017).

Canon 245/246 Compatible Printers:


Epson T125, T126 & T127 ink-series printer models: Epson Stylus NX125, Epson Stylus NX127, Epson Stylus NX130, Epson Stylus NX230, Epson Stylus NX420, Epson Stylus NX530, Epson Stylus NX625, Epson WorkForce 320, Epson WorkForce 323, Epson WorkForce 325, Epson WorkFroce 520, Epson Stylus NX330, Epson Stylus NX430, Epson WorkForce WF-3520, Epson WorkForce WF-3530, Epson WorkForce WF-3540, Epson WorkForce WF-7010, Epson WorkForce WF-7510, Epson WorkForce WF-7520, Epson WorkForce 60, Epson WorkFroce 435, Epson WorkForce 520, Epson WorkForce 545, Epson WorkFroce 630, Epson WorkForce 633, Epson WorkForce 635, Epson WorkForce 645, Epson WorkForce 840, Epson WorkForce 845.

Epson T124 cartridges on white_smNOTE 1: Epson printers are considered quite friendly while the wise potato chips are reset (re-programmed) and ink degree tracking is completely restored. Ink compatibility and shade gamut (color range) tend to be equally exemplary.

Epson T200 ink-series printer designs: Epson Expression XP-200, Epson Expression XP-300, Epson Expression XP-310, Epson Expression XP-400, Epson Expression XP-410, Epson WorkForce WF-2520, Epson WorkForce WF-2530, Epson WorkForce WF-2540.

NOTE 2: Epson T200, T200XL, T252, T252XL ink cartridge refilling is offered by (470+ shops) & (81+ stores). Epson T220/T220XL ink cartridge refilling is offered at 6 Costco San Diego warehouses (nationwide rollout expected ~Jan 2017).

Canon-245-246_Bundle2_OEM_small Epson-T200s_OEM Epson-252_small Ink-Refill-Service
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