Direct-to-Substrate inkjet printer

April 13, 2015
Artis 2100U A4 format Mini UV

Manufacturer of Inkjet Printers, Inks, Printer Ribbons and Products

Just picture to be able to print right onto plastic, plastic, acrylic, extruded PVC, expanded PVC, coated aluminum, brass and more. You can now aided by the Direct Color Systems® printers, inks and ribbons! Our award-winning systems permit you to print right onto a lot of different mediums, to make various products like phone instances, golf balls, acrylic awards, interior and outside signage, worker title badges, table title dishes and even more. Our flatbed inkjet printers are a substitute for time consuming engraving or screen-printing procedures. Our printers create better and much more colorful outcomes with more choices.

Direct Jet UV Printer UVMVP Empty Bed - Direct Color techniques

DCS's flatbed inkjet direct-to-substrate printers tend to be ideal for digitally enhancing everything from plastics, metals and wood to cup, acrylic and ceramic tiles – without the need for pre-coating or priming. Print top-quality, photo-realistic pictures, logos and text onto signage, marketing products and giveaways, packaging, plaques, mirrors, golf balls, CDs, injection-molded components and many other things. Our Direct Jet UV LED printers provide enhanced toughness and solvent weight and a more opaque white when paired with our UV LED inks.

  • Direct Jet Flatbed UV LED Printer Models: 7200z30, 7200z15, 1024UVMVP15, 1024UVMVP6, 1024UVMVP4, 1018UVMVP2, 1018UVHS6
  • Direct Jet Flatbed Solvent Printer Versions: 1324, 1314, 1309
  • Software: Color Byte RIP 9 (for Ultraviolet Light-emitting Diode printers), colors Byte RIP 8 (for solvent printers)
  • Extended Warranties
  • Inks & materials
  • Substrates
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