Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer

July 5, 2014
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Epson Stylus 800Used in the present Epson Stylus inkjet printer lineups, Micro Piezo inkjet technology is key toward superb image high quality and high speed supplied by Epson's inkjet printers. Micro Piezo technology using a multi-layer actuator printing head debuted within the Epson Stylus 800 inkjet printer (known in Japan given that MJ-500), which went on sale in March 1993.

Appropriate for A4-sized paper, the Epson Stylus 800 was Epson's first inkjet printer directed at home users. Effective at high-speed printing of alphabet characters at 150 figures per 2nd (cps) in 10 figures per inches (cpi) mode and 180 cps in 12 cpi mode, the Epson Stylus 800 in addition provided resolution of 360 dpi and a top standard of printing quality that might be seen erroneously as laser production. Moreover, the printer's usage of a print mind that never needed becoming replaced held ink cartridge prices reasonable. One A4-sized page only are priced at several dollars to printing. Aided by the printer itself priced attractively the inkjet printer became more attainable for several users.

Unlike the print minds found in various other printing methods, the Micro Piezo printing head would not heat up the ink. Since the ink wasn't heated, Epson had a great deal more mobility in formulating its inks, therefore considerably increasing the market's anticipation of a shift to shade. Moreover, in following 12 months, the investigation that went into this printer became the cornerstone for Epson Stylus Color inkjet printer.

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