Epson Inkjet CD Printer

March 7, 2018
Epson cd printers uk

I experienced identical issue. Epson printer's are at risk of nozzle-blockages owing to the very tiny nozzle size in addition to ink formula. If you do not print the full colour graphic at least almost every other day you risk nozzle blockage. I'd to bin my own after making it unused for 3 days.

I replaced it with a Canon Photo printer which prints direct to printable discs, and it also does a superb task on both those tasks with five split ink carts. More over, it is nozzles have never become blocked with ink even after seven days of none usage when I'm on vacation, when i am yourself I just print a five-colour bar chart onto it which steps 4 x 6 ins once every six days which will keep it operating sweet.

The publishing direct to printable discs (much better than utilizing DIY stick-on labels) is something I'v only recently started doing after finding the Canon CD Tray which I'd believed I'd lost, and it's very impressive.

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