Inkjet CD printers

July 7, 2016
Printer Spec

All professional Solutions is a leading maker and pioneer of CD DVD Blu-Ray Duplicators and Blu-Ray Publishers. Offering the biggest selection available with one of several longest warranties in the industry at three years on all robotics, All professional possibilities is establishing the standard when it comes to CD Duplication business. From low-end, entry level CD Duplicators and Blu-Ray printers to highly advanced and network-based, goal important Blu-Ray DVD CD Publishers methods, All professional Systems has every thing covered!

All Pro Solutions is situated in South Carolina, USA inside beautiful Charlotte metropolitan location in which all equipment is manufactured, including low-end automated CD DVD Duplicators, mid-range CD DVD Publishers, and high-end Blu-Ray Publishers.

The systems inside the Apollo Series, are PC-connected and completely automatic CD DVD Blu-Ray printers or printer autoloaders (PA). The systems appear in various autoloader sizes with various capabilities per for the CD printers, which range from 220 to 900 disc capability. The methods tend to be incorporated with either inkjet CD printers or thermal DVD printers. The methods are appropriate for Windows os's from XP up to 7 up to now. Each of the built-in DVD printers is optimized for industrial computerized usage. The methods are either CD DVD or Blu-Ray printers, provided it’s a disc with a printable surface, the format cannot matter. The production software features an integrated label editor and enables unlimited tasks is queued. Users can also setup email notifications for specific alerts.

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