HP Inkjet cartridges 364

March 22, 2020
HP compatible 364 xl inkjet

Size: X-LargeColour: Ebony perfectly, after about 3 hours of trying to research which cartridge I should purchase, (having browse the reviews), I think I have finally got it.

You will find 2 x Black 364XL cartridges and there are lots of special variations. Do not be folled because of the colour of this field as they do differ, nevertheless if you stick to the measures below you need to find the proper "XL" cartridge.

Part quantity CB321EE: This cartridge is regular black. It appears to be thicker compared to reduced ability black colored cartridge and is also thicker than the XL photo black. In addition it has actually an excellent black "Pentagon" imprinted over the number. For personal printer, that will be a B109n design, this is basically the proper one and looking over the slot where in fact the cartidge suits into my printer, there's also an excellent Ebony Pentagon. Additionally for research, my own printer cannot just take seperate black colored cartridges both for picture and typical printing, ie, there was only an individual slot for black.

Part Number CB322EE: This cartridge is for Photo Printing. Is is a thinner cartridge as compared to one overhead and is additionally the exact same width whilst the lower ability "normal" black colored cartridge. It is a concern and is very confusing un less you understand the differences. The primary distinguishing point usually whereas the normal XL has actually a Pentagon from the front, this photo XL cartridge has actually a good "Bow Tie" sign in the front side. It also features a picture of a camera in the packaging. I am able to just believe that this will likely not squeeze into personal printer due to the decreased this sign around my cartridge housing.

Source: www.amazon.co.uk
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