Network inkjet printer

March 18, 2022
Network inkjet printer

This informative article provides assistance for connecting the Dell V715w All-In-One Inkjet printer to a community.

  1. Insert the installation CD in to the optical drive of computer.
  2. The Autoplay window can take place, if so click Run Setup.exe.
  3. An individual Account Control screen can happen, if so click keep.
  4. On the Welcome screen, click Install.
  5. In the License arrangement display screen, click we agree, in the event that you buy into the license.
  6. Regarding the choose your included software display, click resume.
  7. From the search for changes screen, choose No (this is done later), then click maintain.
    • Anytime the program or Hardware Installation screen seems, click maintain anyhow
    • When the Windows Security screen appears, mouse click
      Install this driver software anyway.

Select below should this be the very first time installing the printer or if it already create and you're installing it on a computer.

(setup indicates the printer has-been taken out of the container, driven on, the ink cartridges have-been put in and is attached to the cordless community.)

Here is the first-time creating the printer

  1. Click New printer.
  2. Unpack the printer following guidelines on the pc screen, after that click keep.
  3. Eliminate the tape and packaging product following instructions on display screen, then click Continue.
  4. Open up the printer and remove the packed printhead following the guidelines regarding screen, after that click Continue.
  5. If necessary, put the right language overlay and put in the safety after the directions regarding display, after that click maintain.
  6. Near the printer following instructions in the screen, after that click Continue.
  7. Pull the paper try associated with the printer following the guidelines on the display screen, after that click maintain.
  8. Go the guides aside following the guidelines regarding display, then click Continue.
  9. For A4 or legal sizes report follow the instructions on the screen, then click keep.
  10. Load report and adjust guides after the instructions regarding display screen, then click manage.
  11. Place the report tray following instructions regarding the screen, then click keep.
  12. Link the energy cord (not the USB cable for now) from an electric outlet toward printer, then click maintain.
  13. Ensure that the printer is on (the power light ought to be a great green, if it flashes green on / off, press the ability button to wake the printer) after that click resume.
  14. Stick to the prompts from the printer LCD display, after after the prompts, simply click keep.
  15. To put in the printhead and ink cartridges click manage, if they're currently put in near the screen.
  16. Open the printer and remove any tape from the latch following guidelines regarding display screen, after that click Continue.
  17. Lift the latch after the animation regarding the screen, after that click maintain.
  18. Eliminate the printhead through the disposable container following directions regarding the display, then click maintain.
  19. Insert the printhead, then close the latch until it clicks following the cartoon regarding the display, then click keep.
  20. Reopen the printer after the guidelines in the screen, after that click resume.
  21. Remove the black colored ink cartridge from the packaging, then making use of two fingers install it following the animation on display screen, after that click keep.
  22. Perform the same procedure for color ink cartridge (the cartoon can be replayed for more information), then click maintain.
  23. Flip and expand the exit tray following the guidelines from the screen, after that click manage.
  24. Press okay regarding printer to print an alignment page.

Select the way the printer will connect to the community

The Printer Will Connect Wirelessly

Although the printer is used wirelessly it is recommended to install it utilizing a USB cable initially after that creating the printer for a radio link.

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