Modified inkjet printers

February 22, 2016

print-resist-directly-on-pcb-with-modified-ink-jet-printerRyan Pourcillie hacked his inkjet printer to possess a straight through course to ensure he could print withstand right onto a copper clad board to help make a custom PCB. He then utilizes special ink in printer which could work as a resist because the regular ink jet ink would just be eaten away into the etchant container.

– demonstrably you’ll require some kind of an Epson inkjet printer most likely of the C80 family members as those are the ones I have seen adjustments to in past times.
– A sheet of aluminum or steel or some material sheet (about 9 inches by 14.5 ins roughly)
– about 4 foot of 1/4 inches bent (90 degree spot piece) aluminum rail
– Some type of brackets and screws to secure all of them with (I utilized 3, you’ll see a picture of those afterwards)
– Some 4 – 40 screws (we used 1/2 inch-long ones)
– Nuts for said screws (I used about 16)
– a little piece of scrap plywood and some other arbitrary scraps of 2×4 or something like that of this type
– Epoxy and/or hot glue
– The motorists for whichever printer and operating-system you determine to utilize

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