Laser and inkjet printers

August 7, 2019
Blank Label Templates Laser

The on-demand generation of viscous microdroplets to print functional or biological materials stays challenging making use of traditional inkjet-printing methods, due mainly to aggregation and clogging problems. So that you can overcome these limits, we implement a jetting way to print viscous microdroplets by laser-induced shockwaves. We experimentally research the dependence for the jetting regimes and droplet dimensions on the laser-pulse power as well as on the inks’ real properties. The range of printable fluids with this unit is considerably extended in comparison to main-stream inkjet printers’s activities. Also, the laser-induced flow-focusing event we can controllably generate viscous microdroplets as much as 210 mPa s with a diameter smaller than the nozzle from where people began (200  μm). Inks containing proteins tend to be imprinted without modifying their practical properties, therefore demonstrating that this jetting technique is possibly ideal for bioprinting.

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