Canon inkjet cartridges Refill

December 31, 2016
Refillable Ink Cartridge

Refilling Canon ink cartridges will get messy unless you use the right tools.Refilling Canon ink cartridges will get messy unless you utilize the right tools.


Canon Pixma printers use specific ink cartridges for each of 4 to 6 colors. Cartridges have actually a small microchip that have to be reset when you refill them, which means you'll need a chip reset unit, which you yourself can buy on line. Refilling ink cartridges can be messy, therefore placed periodicals or rags straight down before you start in order to avoid getting ink all-over your projects surface.

1. Remove the label from the the top of empty cartridge. You intend to reveal the round plastic stopper. This is where the ink is injected.

2. Put the orange plastic cartridge cap regarding bottom regarding the cartridge and secure it with rubber bands. The plastic limit came with the cartridge whenever you bought it. If you have lost it or tossed it away, utilize a piece of cardboard. This keeps ink from dripping out from the bottom while you're refilling.

3. Enlarge the small hole in the plastic stopper at the top of the cartridge utilizing the enlarging device that came with your system. If there is no awl or enlarging tool, heat a tiny screw with a lighter and screw it in to the stopper. Use pliers to pull the screw out in addition to stopper comes out along with it.

4. Fill the offered syringe with ink following kit manufacturer's guidelines. Some kits include a pre-filled syringe obtainable.

5. Insert ink into the cartridge using the refill syringe and opening you just enlarged or created.

6. Take away the synthetic cover from the bottom of this cartridge and allow extra ink drip off.

7. Replace the plastic stopper with all the plastic end of a syringe plunger if you removed it earlier. Take away the plunger from syringe and put the little plastic end into the opening towards the top of the cartridge. Pull the plunger out from the tiny plastic end, making sure the plastic remains in cartridge hole.

8. Place the cartridge in to the processor chip reset device and await it to flash or beep, depending on the design. The cartridge is preparing to place and make use of within printer.

Things Needed

  • Ink refill system
  • Processor chip reset device
  • Rags or magazine
  • Plastic cartridge cap
  • Elastic bands
  • Cardboard (recommended)
  • Tiny screw (recommended)
  • Light (optional)
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Little syringe (optional)
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