Hitachi inkjet printers

April 29, 2021
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RX-B Model Continuous Inkjet PrintersHitachi RX Series constant inkjet printers tend to be perhaps one of the most eco-friendly services and products committed to protect environment. Hitachi industrial RX Series continuous inkjet printers come with a distinctive ink blood supply system that lowers typical substance consumption by 50 percent, contributing to reduce solvent emissions. As well as reducing fluid wastes, Hitachi RX Series continuous inkjet printers in addition maximize your return on investment through higher component reliability and MTBFR (Mean Time Between Failure prices).

Hitachi styles and manufactures manufacturing products aided by the aim of lowering effect on environment. Europe RoHS Directive limits the application of dangerous hexavalent metals in electric and electronic equipment. Hitachi manufactures its RX Series continuous inkjet printers to comply with this RoHS Directive, voluntarily decreasing the quantities of hexavalent hazardous metals.RX-S Model Continuous Inkjet Printers Have a look at Hitachi RX-B and RX-S design constant inkjet printers.

Hitachi RX-B design inkjet printers are helpful for a variety of printing programs. We created our RX-B design inkjet printers with technologies that not only decrease ink wastage, but also raise the overall performance.

Hitachi RX-S model inkjet printers function high-tech one-touch menu selection, onscreen troubleshooting, and versatile umbilical design. Our RX-S model inkjet printers completely combine density and viscosity controls, thus delivering large printing high quality.

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