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April 25, 2021
Best Printer Brands | List of

printer reliability and serviceIllustration by FlorafaunaOur survey results reveal up-and-down results for many printer manufacturers. Samsung got large markings for the printers’ reliability and copy speed, but poor ones for picture and layouts printing quality. Participating readers esteemed Xerox for its devices’ printing speed and network connection, but bashed it due to their bad reliability. Just Canon, Brother, and Epson had especially powerful showings both in reliability and have pleasure; as well as those three, just Canon additionally graded full of service and assistance.

Highlighted in the three charts listed here are our review individuals' ratings of desktop computer manufacturers in three basic areas: dependability, features, and service/support. These results are attracted from our 2011 Reliability and provider survey of some 63, 000 PCWorld visitors. One other item categories covered inside review were desktop PCs, laptop PCs, pills, digital cameras, HDTVs, and smart phones. For a closer go through the methodology we used in our study to evaluate manufacturer reliability and customer care, see "Reliability and Satisfaction: What the actions Mean."

Notes and estimates

The printers area of our Reliability and Service review caused some brilliant reviews from participants, so we spotted several considerable details in information, also:

• when you look at the category overall, 14.2 percent of printer owner stated that they had encounter a significant issue using their device before year. That portion hopped to 27.6 per cent once we counted just Lexmark printer proprietors.

• total, 6.3 % of printer proprietors stated that that their printer had developed difficulty before year that was really serious adequate top prevent it from working.

• "i have used Brother printers for over fifteen years within my company. They have been workhorses and last a long time. We extremely rarely have any problems with them." -Brother printer owner

• "lower the sound. When it prints, it feels like a dinosaur eating a helicopter in my area." -HP printer owner


More than any other chart derived from our 2011 R&S survey, the main one for printer reliability tells a tale of extremes, with very little middle floor. Three makers (Brother, Canon, and Samsung) moved an amazing four for four on positive side, and a 3rd (Epson) moved three for four. After that there clearly was a large dropoff to Xerox, which totted up normal scars on two actions and downsides on two others. The rest of the five organizations we charted (Dell, HP, Kodak, Lexmark, and Ricoh) completed worse than average on three associated with the four reliability steps. Just how did Epson manage to rate better than normal on "problem on arrival, " "any significant problem, " and "severe issue, " and yet reap just an average level for "overall satisfaction with reliability"? It really is a perplexing concern.

Brother, Canon and Samsung Tops in Printer Reliability

Much better than normal Normal Worse than average


The outcomes on our printer functions actions show crests and troughs for all producers. Brother and Canon had the greatest amount of good scores-six out of nine-but each in addition suffered a setback on one measure (Brother moved bad on "photo/graphics quality, " and Canon implemented suit on "printing speed"), which allowed Epson to suit all of them on web positives by carding five better-than-average markings and four average markings. Xerox deserves recognition for its solid showing, also: better-than-average score for "network connection, " "printing speed, " and "text quality, " without subpar ratings.

Only three sellers completed with web ratings of unfavorable two or even worse: Kodak (with two worse-than-average markings), Dell (with four), and HP (with six). The cancel-out honor visits Lexmark, the actual only real manufacturer to turn in an overall neutral rating, which it obtained by incorporating five normal marks, two better-than-average marks (for "operating sound" and "warranty"), and two worse-than-average scars (forphoto/graphics high quality" and "text high quality").

Brother, Canon, and Epson Proprietors Tend To Be Many Pleased With Their Particular Printers' Functions

N/A = Not available (not enough answers to speed the organization with this measure).


Only six businesses obtained enough ballots to be eligible for addition on our printer service and assistance measures. Because paid down field, we discovered two obvious winners (Canon and Lexmark) and something clear loser (HP).

Canon and Lexmark Get Tall Marks for Printer Service

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