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August 11, 2020
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thermal_winnerLaser Printer vs. Thermal Printer for Shipping Labels – Comparison

a regular concern that comes with on the web vendors is when they need to purchase a thermal label printer to get rid of continual purchases of printer, or simply stick to a functional laser printer that may manage numerous tasks.

To assist you decide, I’ve taken two solid performing printers: One thermal, the Dymo 4xl, and something Laser, the HP LaserJet Pro M203dw. I decided on these two printers since they're both business centered, have a good price to show proportion, and now have consistent large reviews on line across-the-board.

I’m probably compare some areas of interest to generate a success in terms of printing delivery labels inexpensively and rapidly.

1 – Printer Purchase Price

This might be a one-time price to factor into the printer purchase. When it comes to two contrast printers, I visited each printer’s particular Amazon page. Both printers meet the criteria for Amazon Prime if you would like use the free delivery. Take note that pricing can fluctuate and you should use the internet evaluate stores and discover the best cost.

HP LaserJetPro M203dw on Amazon – $181.08

Dymo 4xl on Amazon – $237.36

From a one-time prices point of view, the Dymo is obviously the greater amount of high priced choice.

Winner on cost: Laser Printer

2 – Toner / Ink

This is a continual charge that gives business owners plus consumers nightmares. Ink toner, by weight, costs more than fine wine in addition to world’s priciest perfumes.

The HP LaserJet Pro is sold with a high-yield company class toner cartridge (Amazon website link here) that costs $102.83. While this is certainly a high cost, it averages 3, 500 pages of toner, and also at 2 shipping labels per web page, that is around 7, 000 delivery labels you can easily churn out before your toner runs away. Although this might seem like countless labels, you will find shippers that may push out 3, 000 labels in one day that dread losing over one hundred dollars on toner every week.

Thermal printers don’t require toner. In reality, that’s their entire attraction.

Winner on toner: Thermal Printer

3 – Blank Shipping Labels

For empty shipping labels, I’m planning to compare costs through item pages on for persistence. Also for contrast, we’ll be assuming both printers will create 4”x6” standard adhesive shipping labels.

On laser printer, I’m choosing 500 sheets of standard shipping labels, two labels per page. This comes out to 1, 000 total shipping labels.

On thermal printer, I’m choosing 4 rolls of 250 labels being compatible with Dymo thermal printers, totaling 1, 000 shipping labels.

500 empty sheets (1, 000 labels) on – $69.95

4 rolls of 250 thermal shipping labels from – $26.95

Winner on blank delivery labels: Thermal Printer

4 – Print Speed

Speed things in terms of processing sales. Numerous sellers rapidly realize just how much time it will take to process each purchase when they start arriving because of the dozen, while can’t spend same amount of time on each purchase as you used to.

From each product’s information pages, the HP LaserJet prints out one web page per 6.4 moments, although the Dymo Thermal Printer prints one 4″ label in just a little over another.

Studying the print rates, you must also take into account swapping down label rolls and refilling paper trays. If you're printing packaging slips and labels from HP LaserJet, this is certainly more time to change from paper for labels.

Winner on printing rate: Thermal Printer


If we consider the 4 metrics we compared these printers on, the Dymo 4xl comes out over the top. With recurring costs, the thermal printer would be well worth the financial investment, as well as the recurring cost savings carry even more relevance compared to the onetime cost of buying your printer. Please note that according to sales and a model that suits your company requirements, these specs can alter and analysis ought to be done before the acquisition of a printer.

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