Recycle Inkjet cartridges for charity

July 6, 2016
How are cartridges recycled?

Recycle4Charity is a division of Magnum information Inc. a Ca firm operating since 1988. Our recycling system is a free of charge, no cost solution targeted at recycling and helping charities at precisely the same time. Currently much needed products into the remanufacturing industry and much needed cash to charities.

By way of you for making united states the nation's many preferred printer cartridges recycling system. The reason why just recycle when it's possible to Recycle4Charity?

We recycle bare made use of laser toner and inkjet cartridges and used mobile phones. Plus, by special demand, we also recycle brand-new excess supplies for copier, fax and laser printer, consumable products like toner - developer - fuser oil - imaging devices and much more may be remarketed once again with a portion associated with the proceeds benefiting charity.

There's a big business demand for the material we gather for remanufacturing and reuse. We offer this material to the business and customer for reuse to generate funds to handle the program and give returning to charity. Each day the need develops sustained, and we welcome big amount. We have been one of many country's biggest recyclers of inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges, we offer free UPS shipping for little parcel comes back in USA and free pallet/container pickup for bigger frieght in america and worldwide.

Keeping inkjet and laser toner cartridges, and utilized cell phones from landfills, recycling items regarded as being dangerous waste like full unused surplus copier toner and creator, reusing and conserving normal sources like oil also gold and silver coins, generating local jobs and tax revenue from recycling and remanufacturing this material, and increasing funds for charity 's we do everything we do with pleasure and just why more and more people like our recycling system.

"Alone we can do so bit. Together we are able to achieve this a great deal." – Helen Keller
Thanks for recycling with Recycle4Charity, the reason why only reuse when you can Recycle4Charity?

We Provide Three Recycling Programs

Plan #1. Donation system (No cash return)

This is the program that began all of it 7 years back and is our hottest system. Its well suited for each citizens, private corporations, local, state and federal government entities as a free of charge recycling service for all your used printer laser toner and inkjet cartridges and mobile phone recycling needs.

  • Recycle of all of the your bare utilized laser toner, inkjet cartridges and cell phones - All companies.
  • Please deliver at least 6 used laser toner cartridges or 20 inkjets cartridges and tiny products or 20 to 40 pound of mixed products per box maximum free-of-charge delivery, huge amount pallet pickup is available free when you have 100+ laser toners. When you have brand new unused surplus products, please call (800) 588-7960 or email united states for pickup. Try not to send surplus brand new items with made use of cartridges, they each head to another facility.
  • Remember that your in-kind contribution isn't tax-deductible, so we supply no income tax receipt for your contribution. However, you are helping us toward our goals of earning an optimistic effect on the economy, the environmental surroundings and helping charities we support with much needed money. Your purchase receipt can be used to claim your things as a small business expense. Consult your accountant to find out more.
Join totally free and ask for Free shipping products today - Donation Progam!

System # 2. Fundraising system for almost any function (Cash back)

This system is great for larger enthusiasts sending in 20 or more products monthly. Instances tend to be schools, non-profit teams and organizations contributing fundraising to themselves or on behalf of another charity we don't support under our CONTRIBUTION PROGRAM.

  • Earn cash for obtaining and recycling utilized printer laser toner and inkjet cartridges and mobile phones. Minimal check amount is $25, tiny balances tend to be rolled over every month and soon you gather at least $25.
  • Give the cash towards preferred charity.
  • Make use of the cash for your after that company xmas party or picnic.
  • Buy workplace machines and products.
  • Raise money for the team, preferred non-profit charity, company, chapel or your organization's unique project.
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System #3. Fundraising Program for schools (money back)

The program is fantastic for all schools, community and personal, and all quality levels, around universities.

  • Raise cash for your school's team. So long as it's for an academic purpose, you qualify to participate in this free fundraising program.
  • Make use of the cash for PTA, PTO, PTSA and comparable mother or father volunteer programs, play ground equipment, computer systems, software and workplace materials, or anything to assist your school and your students get an improved knowledge.
  • Company supporters will make a common school a beneficiary associated with earnings from their particular recyclables, provided that that school is subscribed within our no-cost system since the college for funds.
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