Types of inkjet printers

July 17, 2022
9. Epson Picture Mate PM-400

The word ‘inkjet publishing’ is employed to describe the process taking part in directing individual ink droplets onto a substrate (media). There are two fundamental procedures available in wide structure printers these days:

  • Drop On Demand Thermal
  • Drop On Need Piezo

Drop on demand printers (DOD) work on a straightforward concept – whenever control apparatus really wants to fire a droplet of ink onto a substrate it delivers an indication to your inkjet check out tell it to-do that (one signal=one droplet). While both thermal and piezo depend on strategically placing drops of ink about the media, how the drops tend to be dispelled through the inkjet cartridge nozzles is really what differentiates both.

Drop On Need Thermal

Thermal DOD inkjet publishing functions by heating the ink inside printing cartridge to about 400°F. Whilst the ink journeys from a cartridges reservoir, it passes through a micro-filter (which removes particles that could clog up the jets) on ink channel. Whenever printing starts, the thermal heating units heat the ink within the channel, causing it to expand and take through the jets. The thermal heater cools and also the vacant ink station are replenished with filtered ink. This period can duplicate up to 6, 900 times per second.

The major difference between thermal and piezo inkjet printers is thermal printers use throwaway print cartridges which contain both the ink supply therefore the print mind. Usually, these cartridge-driven products produce exemplary print high quality at 300-600dpi but could have a tendency to create slower printing times.

Printing sequence:

  • Chamber filled with ink
  • Heating element fired
  • Vapour bubble formed in water boils)
  • Ink is pushed away from nozzle
  • Warming factor cools off
  • Vapour bubble collapses
  • New ink comes in

Drop On Need Piezo

Piezo DOD inkjet publishing, in contrast to thermal, makes use of a permanent printing mind. Technology is very trustworthy and has now the main benefit of permitting better freedom in ink development.

Piezo inkjet printing depends on various concepts for the expulsion of ink from the cartridge nozzles. With this particular technology, a power cost is put on the cartridge nozzles and excites a tiny piezo crystal that's around. If the crystal is activated, the crystals change form and squeeze the ink chamber. The ink will be forcefully expelled from nozzle onto the media.

  • Voltage to Piezo crystal
  • Piezo crystal modifications form
  • Voltage removed
  • Piezo crystal to initial form
Source: www.colourgen.com
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