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November 26, 2021
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Written down, Hewlett Packard’s Officejet professional 8600 age Plus All-in-One printer appears like it may you need to be the least expensive printer to work in a tiny company. And indeed, it really is an inkjet.

With a rated price per page of simply 1.6 dollars for black and white, the Officejet 8600 beats the rap that inkjet printers are inexpensively made, provide inferior printing high quality and are usually too costly to perform for workplace use. The 8600 also beats HP's own entry-level laser multifunction printer (MFP), the LaserJet M1212nf, using its estimated cost per web page (CPP) of 4.1 cents. The Officejet also offers an increased mean-time between failure score plus features.

In theory, you need to be capable operate the 8600 for even under 1.6 dollars per web page in draft mode. But also for many users in a shared company setting, the actual price of using a color inkjet MFP will be dramatically greater.

Going company class

The Officejet professional 8600 is a business-class inkjet printer, which as a bunch tend to have lower ink prices than do consumer-class designs. I chose the 8600 for personal workplace over a similar HP LaserJet M1212nf multifunction printer given that it's as fast as a laser, it's a lower life expectancy published CPP for monochrome printing, it lets myself print an intermittent color task, therefore provides more features for the money (the LaserJet has actually a smaller report tray and does not provide duplexing or cordless networking). Demonstrably, within the $200 to $250 cost range, HP wishes you to definitely choose the inkjet model.

But as a long-time user of laser printers, we felt somewhat uncomfortable about depending on inkjet technology as my workplace workhorse. I stressed that my true cost per page will be much higher in real usage, that the Officejet wouldn't deliver rock-solid dependability and durability of a laser, hence i'd never be satisfied with the printing high quality and durability of this result when i obtained the unit house. "There's a long-term bias for laser at work, " admits Bottger, HP Image and Printing Group Marketing supervisor in HP's Officejet team.

Inkjet prices: Why your mileage vary

Your average CPP with the 8600 will likely be more than the 1.6 dollars HP cites for black-and-white printing. Why? Due to the fact printer motorist is placed for color by default. You can easily change the default to grayscale, but getting at those settings to improve backwards and forwards usually takes a bit of effort, specifically for Microsoft windows devices, and I think that in a busy office people won’t bother.

There’s additionally the urge to print in shade even though you probably don’t should do therefore. I ended up printing significantly more pages in color than We expected, hence has actually driven up my typical cost per page.

If you’re cautious to always use the grayscale mode you will probably come near to the 1.6 cents per page mark. But this really is a device made to be shared in a tiny workplace. Will everyone within workplace be as good as you're about it? Not likely. The simplest way to enforce monochrome publishing is always to have a mode turn on the printer itself. But regardless if which were an alternative – and it's also maybe not – that is not a convenient option.

Just how a lot more might it are priced at to run this printer?

The common expense per shade web page, according to HP, is 7.2 cents. If it's not easy to switch between modes, people in your workplace may end up printing even more papers in color than they should, and when you're printing papers with shade and grayscale in printer’s “normal” mode, your average expenses will likely be closer to 7.2 dollars per page. Color pages cost around four times as much as black and white. Yes, it is just a couple pennies, but if you printing 1, 000 pages every month, an additional 5.6 cents per web page adds up to $56 much more in ink.

By comparison, printing monochrome text with a laser printer is simple: you merely strike the print option and get. With all the LaserJet your price should be near to the 4.1 dollars per page specification, presuming the benchmarks tend to be representative of the way you print (more about that in a minute).

Configuration hassles

Setting the options for printing text and images in monochrome involves navigating 2 or 3 presses down through menu hierarchy within the printer pop up dialogs.

Under Microsoft windows the best method for obtaining the lowest operating costs is set the standard to monochrome within the control interface. However, if you will do that, when you need to print a PowerPoint presentation in shade you are going to need to drill down through three levels of print dialog field settings to change the mode.


Here are the process steps shown above to alter from color to monochrome mode or vice-versa. The display screen chance had been taken while printing a Word for Microsoft windows document:

  • Choose print/open dialog
  • Mouse click properties button/open secondary dialog
  • Simply click advanced level button/open tertiary dialog
  • Mouse click “Print all text as black” and select “Enable”
  • Mouse click “Print in grayscale” and choose “Black Ink just”
  • Mouse click okay to shut dialog
  • Simply click okay to printing

What’s much more, the setting doesn't stick. If you would like print three PowerPoint documents might often need proceed through that process 3 times if not go fully into the printer control board and alter the standard environment when it comes to printer, then change it out back. Who’s planning to do this?

Regarding Mac, things tend to be a little much easier. The OS X printer driver interface includes four preset designs it is possible to select from, including “plain report, quickly draft, monochrome.” But you can create and save your valuable very own customized configured presets, and preset you decided sticks. To save lots of both report and ink, we configured my standard for basic paper, draft, black and white, and duplexed.

I developed personal economic climate mode print setup presets the 8600. It’s perhaps not intuitive, nevertheless go right to the print dialog, click the “copies and pages” drop straight down listing, decide “Paper Type/Quality, ” and then click on the tiny “Color Options” arrow, which brings up choices for black-and-white. From here it is possible to select the report type, picture high quality, color/greyscale and greyscale mode. The latter must be set-to “black ink just.” When you’ve done all that, it can save you the options under “Presets” and that means you don’t must go through the process once again.

That setup, incorporating grayscale printing with the draft mode, could drive your ink costs below 1.6 dollars per page. You also need to take-all of those lab-generated expense per web page figures with a grain of salt. Here is why.

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