Inkjet printers cost per page

May 1, 2022
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Each kind of printer technology, inkjet or laser-class, incurs a continuous cost of consumables, either ink tanks or toner cartridges, respectively. In other words, each page you print costs anything, with regards to the small amount of ink or toner the printer distributes on the paper. The price of that small amount of consumable is known as the fee per page, or CPP. As stated in this specific article, “When a $150 Printer will set you back Thousands, ” a printer’s CPP is regarded as the most critical considerations when purchasing a printer.

In this article, I’ll explain to you how-to calculate a printer’s expense per page.

All of it starts using the ink or toner cartridges’ page yield, which is determined by the product manufacturer making use of standards setup because of the International business of Standardization, or ISO. A cartridge’s “page yield” is number of pages the manufacturer claims a particular cartridge will print. The ISO, of course, publishes standardization for several products, not just printers, but the ISO’s tips determine the techniques that every significant printer manufacturers used to estimate web page yields.

Available the ISO tips for laser-class toner cartridge page yields at this page on, and the way of deciding ink container yields here.

One other price found in calculating web page yields may be the price of the toner cartridge itself. To create a color printer’s CPP, for instance, you separate the cost of the cartridge by the wide range of pages, or web page yields.

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