Inkjet printer Transparency film

December 25, 2020
Inkjet Printer Transparency

Arista II OHP Transparency Film is an obvious, 7-mil, polyester substrate coated with an inkjet emulsion. It provides crisp, easy-to-read text, brilliant, non-smear colors and spill-resistant pictures that boost your visual display. Ideal for creating overhead transparencies and window displays. Also, due to this material's premium emulsion level, it is able to accept a higher thickness of ink than cheaper options and is suggested by Freestyle Advisory Board Member, Dan Burkholder, for generating electronic downsides for contact publishing for alternative photographic processes like Platinum and Palladium Printing.

This is a drop-in alternative to Pictorico Inkjet OHP Transparency movie. Each sheet has actually a notch cut-in the top of right hand part. Holding the news within course insures which you insert it into your printer emulsion side up.

For a lightweight, ultra obvious option, fitted to alternative digital result techniques like alcohol solution (Purell) transfers, please utilize our Arista II OHP 5-mil Transparency movie.


  • Suitable for pigmented and dye inks
  • Dries Immediately
  • Waterproof
  • 7 mil transparency movie
  • Great for printing digital negatives
  • Canon Printer setting: Photo Paper Glossy or comparable
  • Epson Printer environment:
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