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September 13, 2022
Printer Color Test Media

Ink-Running-Empty-vs-Microbanding_smallTo test the printing performance of shade or black colored individual ink container cartridges or you are not yes which color is providing a concern then select the proper test file below and print, this will help help with a determination. As an alternative, a printer maker self-test web page is usually added to most printers.

(pdf) – Use to test any standard 4-color printer.
(pdf) – Use to test any standard 6-color printer.
(pdf) – Use to assist identify whether or not the black cartridge or picture black cartridge is out of ink* (in other words. misfiring / ink hunger)
(pdf) – Use to restore a partly clogged ink cartridge and/or ink bubble trapped between cartridge and print head**
* Print an image or text document. Faded black in a text document shows the black colored cartridge is empty; faded black in an image indicates the photo black colored cartridge is vacant.
** Effective for ink data recovery in printers designed to use HP 564, 902, 920, 932/933, 934/935, 950/951 & 952/956 ink cartridges.

NOTE: A faded musical organization or lacking shade indicates cartridge is vacant. In the event that you observe ‘cross-contamination’ of just one shade into another shade then this might be due to a dirty service section (for example. where in fact the ink cartridges park) – make reference to PRINTER MAINTENANCE.

Bad Self-TestCAUTION: in order to avoid causing harm to the integral printhead (or printheads), end printing when you observe a color moved away. Return the ink cartridge towards ink refill center for refilling.

Ink Cartridge Refilling and Care Tips – All Sorts:

Serious Print high quality problems / Missing Colors (all 4, 5, & 6 ink cartridge printer models):

If, after staying with all suggestions supplied under ‘Solve our Problem’, your printer consistently exhibit degraded image high quality and/or multiple colors are missing, as observed in the printer’s self test page or print quality/nozzle print test report, you may need to by hand cleanse the printhead.

It really is first recommended you stimulate the printer’s inner “Clean Printhead”, “Nozzle Clean”, “Head cleansing” or “Deep Clean” procedure, etc. according to the printing consumption and/or age the printer, it may possibly be required to perform a hot-water flush of integral (semi-permanent or permanent) PRINTHEAD. Make reference to links below for your printer kind.

Printhead Life – All 4, 5, & 6 ink cartridge Printers:

The replaceable or semi-permanent PRINTHEAD will eventually fail with time with usage and age. NOTE: there's two (2) PRINTHEADs for HP 88 & 940 ink-series printer models. Follow this link to learn more.

Advanced HP Printer Diagnostics

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