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June 12, 2019
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Even so, on occasion, we stumble upon the rare machine that does just what it does very well it appears impervious to improvements in convenience, connectivity functions, and printhead technology. These could be the subject of your analysis these days: Canon’s $1, 000-MSRP Pixma Pro-1 pro picture Inkjet Printer.

A little while back, we reviewed the business’s $500-MSRP Pixma Pro-100, a fine printer for picture benefits. This one, though, is a notch or three up the food sequence, both in printing high quality and functions. What makes this printer doubly impressive is the fact that it offers held up good enough with time to keep its premium cost. As soon as we published this in late April 2015, we were struggling to find it anywhere online for less than $999.99, a whopping cent lower than its number cost. That’s especially astonishing in a company that utilizes the discount-off-MSRP once the preferred implement with its marketing toolbox. Actually, once we penned this in late-April 2015, some outlets offered the Pro-1 for $100 to 200 over list price—a occurrence that indicates exceptional high quality and price (or a distinctive product, which can be not the case right here), or a separate following.

Why has got the Pixma Pro-1 been these types of a hit? To put it differently, its superb printing quality makes it a popular amongst photographers (expert ones, and would-be specialists), performers, and dedicated hobbyists alike. It’s capable of printing impeccably detail by detail, radiant, and precisely coloured images and artwork. And it may deal with any reasonable report size, with stock which range from 4x6-inch snapshots to 13x19-inch “supertabloid” (otherwise known as A3+) pictures, leaflets, and posters.

This means that, it acts its marketplace remarkably really for price. Having said that, had been this a standard business-centric or consumer-grade device, apart from being able to turn out superb oversize pictures and artwork, nearly everything about it will be wrong.

It’s not price-competitive, it's heavy, plus it’s huge. It makes use of 12—that’s not a typo, 12—relatively costly ink tanks. And, to get the best outcomes, you’ll desire to feed it pricey, premium-grade photo and display-art paper—especially when you are getting in to the bigger tabloid (11x17-inch) and supertabloid sizes.

Indeed, the Pixma Pro-1 may use standard content paper, and indeed, it could turn-out excellent-looking company documents, but that’s like feeding your Lamborghini Aventador a stable diet of ethanol and rendering it your train-station car. It totally misses the point of this sort of printer. You buy it since you want to buy especially to-do what it does well.

Nevertheless, as stated, it is perhaps not your only option for this variety of publishing. Canon’s Pixma Pro distinct professional picture printers, which includes the Pixma Pro-1, the $699.99-MSRP Pixma Pro-10, while the $499.99 MSRP Pro-100, is an A-list family within market, nonetheless it’s maybe not alone. Epson’s well-known Stylus and more-recent SureColor expert photo printers are comparably listed and, as talked about when you look at the Setup & Paper maneuvering section later on, supply in some instances a great deal more functional report handling. A lot of Epson’s and HP’s professional picture printers, for instance, be capable of print on rolls of top-notch image report. When it comes to Epson’s SureColor P600 Wide structure Inkjet Printer we evaluated 2-3 weeks back, you can print borderless banners almost 11 feet long. (Whether you've got a use for that is yet another matter!) You will find things the Pixma Pro-1, because versatile since it is, cannot do.

Generally, we evaluate printers from the point of view of speed, price of usage, and productivity/convenience features, with print quality being one among many critical indicators. While cost and cost of good use are not unimportant, they don’t matter as much here as do print-quality and paper-handling prowess. When compared with other expert image printers, this does not have some crucial paper-handling functions, but as you’ll view in our conversation from the last web page with this review, the Pixma Pro-1 has many special choices of their very own.

Obviously, the Pixma Pro-1 is not for all of us. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine a printer sold to consumers whose attraction may be more niche-ified than this one. Whether it’s best for your needs depends flat-out on the nature of your photography or artwork: exactly how serious have you been about this, and how big do you need it? And, equally essential, can you manage to feed the Pixma Pro-1 exactly what it takes?

If it’s a fit, but you'll be confident that couple of, if any, wide-format professional picture printers come out better-looking prints than that one does. Expect you'll be dazzled.

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