HP Inkjet Color printers

May 1, 2020
Epson WorkForce WF 2760

High-end imaging programs such as for instance Adobe PhotoShop® supply help for ICC color administration. For printers, ICC pages supply the color transform into the product color area of this printer for a specific news type, ink ready, and printing mode.

To manage shade with ICC pages, options must certanly be built in the application plus in the printer motorist. Into the application, the correct profile for the printer/media/ink ready combo must certanly be selected, together with the rendering intent (perceptual, general, absolute, or saturation).

The Perceptual intention includes color re-rendering including tone scaling and advanced gamut mapping to offer pleasing output. It generally provides the best subjective image quality whenever reproducing images on various media.

Absolute Colorimetric and Relative Colorimetric are typically used for proofing, where precision is more essential than subjective high quality. Saturation is rarely made use of, but is intended to give brilliant colors and pure primaries.

Source: support.hp.com
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